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Major: Hotel, Tourist, and Gastronomy Administration

School: Mariano Gálvez University

Originally From: Jalpatagua, Jutiapa, Guatemala

Samuel David Ramírez Calderón is from the little town of Jalpatagua in the Guatemalan department of Jutiapa, which is near the Salvadorian border. His family, like many in this area, is very poor.

Ever since Samuel was a young boy, he enjoyed helping his mother prepare meals. He is a very generous fellow and always wants to help. He also knew that Guatemala has many tourist places with beautiful environments and has a rich cultural history. He thought if he could learn about the tourist industry he could blend his interests and skills with his desire to help his family and community.

With the help of his loving family, he graduated from high school in 2010 but was not able to continue on for a university education.

During and after high school, he worked as an electronic technician but his salary was very low. He used his salary to help his family and tried to save for college. Unfortunately, he just didn’t earn enough to pay for university tuition, books, and school supplies.

In addition, his parents are older and have many health problems. His father’s health is especially delicate. His mother takes care of his dad but his father’s health has steadily declined. Currently, his dad is on dialysis to treat his kidney issues. The family performs his treatment four times a day in their home. Treatment in a medical facility is not an option for them because of their financial situation.

So, not only were Samuel’s parents unable to help him continue his education, Samuel’s salary was needed to help with the family’s medical expenses.

Samuel’s dream of obtaining a university education seemed out of reach. Then, he heard of GSSG.

He explored educational programs and found one that fit well with his aspirations. He set as his goal to obtain a degree in Hotel, Tourist, and Gastronomy Administration at Mariano Gálvez University. Samuel then applied to GSSG and was awarded a scholarship.

Even with the GSSG scholarship, Samuel struggles. He still needs to help his parents and the added costs of travel to and from the university (his town is two hours from Antigua, where the school has a campus) compounds his problem. None-the-less Samuel is persevering and doing very well in his classes.

He writes that he is full of gratitude to GSSG and hopes he will gain the support of sponsors to ensure that his scholarship can be continued.

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