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Twice a year at the John Bodoh English Academy in Tactic, Guatemala, GSSG has been holding very popular workshops for current GSSG scholars and other interested students. At the December 2018 workshop, the students were again overwhelmingly positive about their experiences.

Lic. Jorge Paque, Byron Cap, Pablo Cucul, Alex Max, José Luis Cacao, and Carlos Tot gave informative and compelling presentations. Topics included: Becoming a GSSG Scholar and a University Student, Critical Thinking Process about Current and Relevant Topics, Grammatical Problems Related to Language Barriers, My Budget, Emphasizing Values and Virtues, Writing Skills, Emphasizing Values and Virtues by Ludic Activities, and English Vocabulary Refresher.

These workshops expand GSSG’s reach and impact by including non-scholarship awardees. You can sponsor a student to attend a workshop for as little as $100. Interested? Email the Executive Director at TJGoehl@gssg-usa.org.