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Smiling man talkingPlanned Giving

Consider a bequest to the general fund of the GSSG through your will or trust. There is no better way to have your positive impact on the world continue after you are no longer with us by using some of your assets that you have acquired over a lifetime of work. Your legacy will make a difference in the lives of the GSSG students as they work for the transformation of their country.

You can provide a gift of a fixed amount, a percentage of your estate, specific property, or the residual of your estate after all other distributions have been made.

Other ways to contribute are to:

  1. Make GSSG the final beneficiary of your life insurance policy;
  2. Include GSSG as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets;
  3. Add GSSG to your living trust to distribute part of your assets.

Please contact us for detailed information.