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Major:Human Resources and Technology

School: Century Community College, USA; Galileo University, Guatemala City

Originally From: San Cristóbal, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Growing up in a poor country in a poor family has been a very hard part of Alba’s life. After her birth, her mother died. Her dad took her older biological sisters with him and, because she was a baby, he abandoned Alba. Her aunt Rita, whom Alba now considers her mother, raised her and loved her as one of her own kids. She went to school with her two cousins, whom she considers her sisters. Her aunt’s family was also poor. For a while her aunt rented a house. Later, the family moved into her uncle’s mother-in-law’s house. Her aunt eventually met a man and fell in love with him and they got married. At first, he seemed like a good man, but he ended up treating her aunt badly.

In order to support her family, her aunt, had to sell tamales, hot drinks, and tortillas on the street. Sometimes she was lucky and sold all of them, and sometimes she did not. There were times when all the family had to eat were tortillas with salt. Other times the family went to bed without eating anything. As Alba grew older, her sister and she skipped a year of school and worked at a restaurant. They did this because they did not like the fact that her aunt had to do everything for them. Alba knows that God has a purpose for all of them even though sometimes she questions it sometimes. She knew that He is using her and other people to help those in need. Alba acknowledges that she is being helped now, and she wishes to do the same for others in the future.

Alba has always been a good student ever since she was in first grade. When she was in eighth grade, her English teacher told them about a program that helped impoverished student’s who had good grades. The program’s name was the Guatemalan Student Support Group (GSSG). She applied to get into this program. The director came to her house and saw her economic situation and said that she was definitely a candidate for the GSSG program.

At the age of fifteen she came to the USA and attended Hill-Murray High school in the United States. Her first days of school were hard. She only had six months to learn English. She went to classes and did not understand much of what the teacher was saying. But, she worked hard and asked the teachers for help. The teachers were nice and very patient with her. She eventually graduated from high school and they earned a two-year degree in business administration from Century Community College. Alba returned to Guatemala and is now attending Galileo University in Guatemala and hopes to graduate with a degree in Human Resources and Technology.

Upon completing her undergraduate education, she plans to use her degree to provide help for her impoverished indigenous people. She also plans to help her brothers and sisters finish school. She knows that education is very important and she wants all the best for her siblings. Her biggest dream is to have her own school and help all the indigenous students who cannot afford to go to school by providing scholarships to them.

She loves living in her country. While in the USA, she missed her family, her school friends, her culture, and going to her church. She knows how beautiful her country is.

Alba wants to set a good example to her family by working hard and taking care of them. She was willing to work hard when she was young and sacrificed a lot in her teenage years.  Growing up she did not have a role model who could encourage her to believe in herself. So now, she hopes that she can be a good role model to her family and community.

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