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Our Program

Girl SmilingGSSG’s program is to reach out to disadvantaged Guatemalan families and partner with them in the education of their children. The youth, most of Mayan descent, are provided an opportunity for a high school education and advanced training in Guatemala. Recruitment is conducted primarily at partner-run and GSSG-supported Guatemalan primary and middle schools by a trained group of educators from both the USA and Guatemala.

The two main components are outlined here:

Component 1 – GSSG forms partnerships with like-minded organizations to support educational infrastructure at the primaria (elementary) and basico (middle) school levels. Support can include help to build new, or enhance existing, primary and middle schools in villages in Guatemala. GSSG supplies these students with educational materials and supplements teachers’ salaries to attract high-quality educators. GSSG-supported schools must emphasize the development of leadership skills and proficiency in Spanish and English.

Component 2 – Promising low-opportunity Guatemalan youth, who are identified by partner organizations for their leadership and academic potential, are supported for advanced studies at Guatemalan high schools and universities. When funds are available, students are brought to the USA for a cultural experience and to improve their English language skills. These short enculturation trips are planned during the students’ second year of high school education and during their years at the university.