"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

There is no country on earth whose major population is both well-educated and impoverished. A strong educational foundation is the path out of poverty. Unfortunately, the educational system available to the poor of Guatemala is not up to the task. The solution offered by the Guatemalan Student Support Group (GSSG) is to bring students to the United States for a high school education and then provide the hitherto unheard of opportunity to go on to higher education either in the USA or in Guatemala. In return each participant agrees to use what he/she has learned to work toward improving the educational opportunities for all Guatemalans. As more of the Guatemalan poor are educated, all Guatemalans should benefit from a surge of significant socio-economic development in their country.

Priscilla Otto Leadership Award
The Guatemalan Student Support Group [GSSG] has announced that the winner of the inaugural Priscilla Otto Leadership Award is Luis Fernandez. Luis, who is attending medical school in Guatemala, will receive a $500 scholarship.

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